BAM is very pleased to announce that Dean John Innes and the University of British Columbia have declared that they are moving forward as the first academic institution to offer a degree in Bamboo Studies. The Master’s degree will be paramount in allowing the next generation in North America to participate in the various aspects of this growing industry, and will hopefully be the vanguard in leading to other universities to follow suit. The program at UBC is a testament to what can be achieved with collaboration within the field.

The University of British Columbia has confirmed that graduate classes in Bamboo Studies (course names available later) will be offered commencing Fall 2019, with plans that a degree in Bamboo Studies will be awarded the beginning of Fall 2021. Presently, UBC is building its curriculum infrastructure, including seeking qualified individuals to fill upcoming posts.

Dean Innes first reached out to BAM in 2015 with interest regarding a Bamboo Studies degree program to be housed within the Faculty of Forestry. The international relationships already established by the UBC Faculty of Forestry was not only an indication of the breadth and extensiveness of the department, but also its commitment to its students and resources on a global level. As such, we responded to Dean Innes that we would be pleased to cooperate with the university toward implementing this pioneering effort. 

As expected, going from agreement that a degree in Bamboo Studies would be beneficial to the university to the point in which it actually materialized was not a quick process. The case for the program had to be made multiple times and in various ways to academic and governmental bodies. It took commitment by Dean Innes and the support of groups such as BAM to see it to fruition. Nonetheless, Dean Inness was recently able to announce that the program was fully approved and that UBC signed an agreement with the International Bamboo and Rattan Research Centre that will fund a professor specializing in Bamboo Technology at UBC.

For anyone interested, course offerings and other information will be posted at a later date. For more information in the interim, you can reach out directly to: 

Dr. John Innes
Professor and Dean, 
Faculty of Forestry
University of British Columbia

Forest Sciences Centre
2004 - 2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

Phone: (+1) 604 822 3542
Fax: (+1) 604 822 8157

BAM remains committed to pursuing the development of educational opportunities in all aspects of the bamboo industry, and is willing to assist any institutional bodies in achieving that goal.